Try Virtaul Dual Alix if you wonder about Dual Alix.

Many of EasyMPD users are wondering about Dual Alix. So we make a function that the user can hear the Dual Alix sound only with single Alix.

We cannot ignore the differences of physical organization and CPU load between Dual and Single Alix. But we guess that the difference in sound between Dual and Single Alix is mainly due to the difference of program that is responsible for deliver PCM signal to DAC. MPD is responsible for it in Single Alix but GStreamer is responsible for it in Dual Alix.

So we add a function so called "Virtaul Dual Alix". If you want to feel the color of sound from Dual Alix, you can try Virtaul Dual Alix.

Open EasyMPD WEB GUI and go to "MPD - MPD Configuration" and select "Enable Dual Alix" and "Enable Virtaul Dual Alix". Don't forget click "Save" button for applying.

If Virtaul Dual Alix is enabled, the same mechanism of programs with Dual Alix is established in Single Alix.

If you are considering Dual Alix, you can experience Dual Alix before purchasing additional Alix.