FAQ - EasyMPD and Alix (APU)

Find answers to recurring questions about EasyMPD and Alix

  1. How to buy and install EasyMPD
    You can use PayPal for purchasing EasyMPD. And you can download CF image file of EasyMPD and install it to your Alix easily. Please see this link for detail.

  2. Sound quality?
    EasyMPD is based on Voyage-MPD. But there are many different things in function and sound quality. The Linux kernel and MPD are complied with our know-how for improving sound quality. All unnecessary functions are excluded and all processes in Alix are tightly controlled to reduce the interference with sound producing. So we are proud of the sound quality of EasyMPD and we sure that you will be satisfied with it.

  3. I think there a problem on my CF memory card. How can I re-install EasyMPD at my Alix.
    It's easy. You can just download the image file of EasyMPD and write it to your CF memory card. EasyMPD will be newly installed at your Alix automatically during boot of Alix. But pleas note that the Alix board should be the same board that you installed EasyMPD at first and that Alix board can reach to Internet during boot.

  4. Can I install EasyMPD at another Alix board additionally?
    Sorry to say it is not possible that you install EasyMPD at another Alix board that is not the same one you used for first EasyMPD installation. If want to install EasyMPD at another additional Alix board, please purchase additional EasyMPD licence. You should purchase EasyMPD licence again even if your Alix is broken.

  5. Is really easy to configure and use?
    Most of users who gave up Alix network player before are succeeded in configuring and using with EasyMPD. You can also achieve success of Alix network player even if you don't have any knowledge of Linux and network.

  6. My Alix board is revamped. Can I use it with EasyMPD?
    Yes, you can as long as the network Ethernet port and USB output work. And you can use 2D3 and 3D2 Alix board with EasyMPD.

  7. How can I power off Alix? There is no way to use "shutdown" command in EasyMPD
    Usually you should use "shutdown" command before you turn off Linux machine to prevent file system problem. But in EasyMPD you don't need to use "shutdown" command. EasyMPD do not write or read CF memory card after boot is finished so that you can power off Alix any time except booting time. Just plug off power from Alix.

  8. How much capacity of CF memory should I use?
    You can use any CF memory card of which the capacity is bigger than 1Gbytes. CF memory card is not used any more after boot-up in EasyMPD. So CF memory does not have any influence on sound quality and you do not even have any benefit if you use the CF memory with bigger capacity.
  9. How to initialize?
    There is a little hole in front of Alix case. And inside the hole there is a button. If you want to initialize EasyMPD configuration, push this button for 5 seconds after Alix finishes booting. Then Alix will set all configuration back to default and automatically reboot. You can use this button in case of network connecton failure due to wrong IP address entered or missing WEB GUI password.

    The default username is "root" and password is "easympd" for login of EasyMPD WEB GUI.

  10. Can I listen to Internet radio with EeasyMPD?
    Sure, you can. Please see below links.
    a. The way to listen to Internet radio with the URL address of your favourite internet radio.
    b. The way to listen to Internet radio with assistance of MPD Client.

  11. Can I buy the Luxury case of Alix?
    Sorry, we cannot sell this case to other country out of Korea because of shipping cost.
    If you are anxious to want this case and you can pay the shipping cost, contact us by e-mail. Thanks.