EasyMPD is a HiFi Network Music Player solution for PC Engines Alix and APU, the low noise industrial PC boards. You can get a HiFi network player with EasyMPD in low cost. You can try with 30 Days Free Trial version. Click

Set on the Web

You do not need to bother anymore to see the text screen of Linux. All things are possible with just a few clicks of the mouse on the web browser, and even almost all will be set automatically.
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Excellent sound quality

Not only ease of use. Through the efforts of OS optimization and tuning for improving sound quality, Alix network player with EasyMPD excels in sound quality than any other network players in existence.
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Built-in various functions for music

Most functions for network music player are already built-in. All you need to do is just to select and use the function you want.
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Alix and EasyMPD

PC Engines Alix or APU board generates significantly less noise than other computer machines because it is designed to perform only minimal functionality. So, Alix or APU board is the ideal platform for Hi-Fi Network Player.
If Alix or APU meets with the well-tuned OS, EasyMPD, it can be a marvelous Network Player. See more.