Network Music Players, of course, is a good tool for listening to music. However, if the setting of the player is difficult and the operation is uncomfortable, it can be an obstacle dropping the concentration of the music.

EasyMPD offers the best sound quality because the OS is tuned for the enhanced sound quality.

And with EasyMPD anyone can easily and conveniently configure Network Music Player. All settings are available on WEB just with the click of mouse. Most of the settings are designed to be made automatically, without involving the user. And EasyMPD is even programmed to be automatically recovered from the unexpected problems.

In addition, EasyMPD already has enough built-in features for network player. It allows the user to easily select and use the features appropriate to your environment.

In recent years, technologies of network player have been being developed rapidly. EasyMPD provides the ongoing program update for users to benefit from this development.

[Key Features of EasyMPD]

  1. It makes the cheap industrial PC board to Hi-Fi Network Music Player. You can user PC Engines' ALIX and APU board.
  2. Optimized OS tuning for enhanced sound quality
  3. Easy web-based user interface
  4. Easy initial installation using the wizard
  5. Continuous and easy program updates
  6. Following various built-in functions for network player.
    1. MPD Player (It can be a UPnP renderer in itself.)
    2. DLNA/UPnP Media Renderer
    3. DLNA/UPnP Media Server
    4. Bubbleupnp Server
    5. Apple AirPlay
    6. Linn Songcast Receiver
  7. Both of old and new versions of MPD are included (0.18x and 0.19x). And user can select one on WEB GUI.
  8. WiFi connection available
  9. USB external hard disk drive (HDD) or USB memory can be connected. In case of APU mSATA SSD and SATA HDD can be connected.
  10. Can be a network storage server (NAS) with USB external hard disk drive (HDD), mSATA SSD or SATA HDD.
  11. Built-in Torrent Client (Deluge)
  12. If you connect a USB external hard disk drive (HDD) or USB memory stick, it is used as virtual memory to supplement the lack of physical memory of Alix.
  13. Backup and recovery of DB
  14. Backup and recovery of configuration
  15. DSD format in DSF and DSDIFF can be played.
  16. Most of all existing lossless music files can be palyed.
  17. Album cover art extraction function
  18. Damaged music file detection function during MPD DB Update
  19. Shows the current status of Alix with LEDs
  20. Dual Alix configurable with two Alix
  21. Virtual Dual Alix with one Alix
  22. Search and register network shared folder
  23. Automatically track and re-register the host even if the IP address of the host is changed.


  1. EasyMPD offers better sound quality than any other existing network player for the following reasons.
    1. EasyMPD uses the latest Linux kernel
    2. Kernel is compiled only for Alix. It is optimized only for Alix board, with all unnecessary things for the board excluded.
    3. OS has a strong influence on sound quality in network player. It is important to reduce the interference from the processes that are not related to the music playing. So that the real-time Linux is used to reduce such interference.
      In EasyMPD, the real-time priorities are applied to most of all processes to minimize the interference.
    4. The sound quality is also influenced by the library programs that are responsible for decoding. EasyMPD tries to use the latest libraries. The libraries are kept up-to-date through continuous EasyMPD firmware updates.
    5. EasyMPD perfectly supports 192Khz and DSD format music file.
  2. Built-in DLNA/UPnP Renderer function. If you have a DLNA/UPnP Media Server, you can listen to music easily without relatively difficult network sharing. (See related information)
    User can easily switch to any of the MPD Player and Media Renderer at any time he wants.
  3. MPD Player can also be controlled by UPnP. You not only use the original functions of MPD but also use it as UPnP Renderer. With help of UPnP media server you can play the musics that are not even in the registered network shared folder. (See related information)
  4. You can make your Alix as the DLNA Media Server if you want. When the DLNA Media Server is enabled in Alix, you can play the music in the attached USB external HDD through DLNA player or renderer at other devices.(view topics) (See related information)
  5. You can activate the BubbleUPnP Server features at Alix. If you are using UPnP/DLNA devices for listening to music, BubbleUPnP Server will help you to solve the many problems of UPnP/DLNA. It can save play list for portable UPnP devices to prevent the play list from disappearing when the portable device is off. And it will reduce the errors that occur from incompatibility issues between the UPnP device. (See related information)
  6. Built-in Apple AirPlay function. You can listen to music with Alix using AirPlay from Apple devices. (See related information)
  7. Linn Songcast Receiver function. You can send the sound from your computer (Windows and Mac OS X) to your Hi-Fi audio system. (See related information)
  8. Continuous programs and kernel update. Users do not have to worry about program updates. EasyMPD prepares updates and users can update the program with just a click in EasyMPD WEB GUI.
  9. Does not require any installation process. With the initial setup wizard anyone can easily configure and use Alix as a network player even without knowing about Limux.
  10. All settings are easy and simple with Web GUI (Web Graphical User Interface). User can make most settings with just a few clicks of the mouse from the Web as if you were setting the router.
  11. It's not easy to register (mount) the network shared directory is not easy in original Voyage-MPD. But EasyMPD have the feature to search the network shared directories. What you have to do is just select the searched directories with mouse in WEB GUI.
    1. You can easily search and register the shared directory on the internal network. (CIFS, NFS)
    2. You can register multiple shared directories.
    3. You can easily add or remove the directories.
    4. EasyMPD detects the disconnect of the host computer and unmounts the registered directories from the host automatically. And automatically it re-mounts the directories when the host is connected again.
    5. With built-in VPN client, you can register the remote host that is not located in the internal network.
  12. EasyMPD also can detect the IP address change of the host computer. It will track and register the directories from the host automatically.
  13. Most variable configurations of MPD is possible in EasyMPD WEB GUI.
  14. USB audio device (DDC or DAC) is automatically detected and configured without user involvement. And two USB audio devices can be connected to Alix. EeasyMPD detects and configures both to be used and you can select one of them at MPD Client program.
  15. Hardware and Software volume control are available.
  16. You can backup and restore the MPD DB and the configuration of EasyMPD.
  17. Reading and writing on CF memory do not made after booting finishes. It minimizes the problem of the system file broken. You can turn off Alix without shutdown command.
  18. Support DSD over USB . If you have DAC that support DAC format, you can enable DSD over USB at EeasyMPD WEB GUI.
  19. The USB external HDD attached to Alix is automatically shared in network. You can use Alix as a network file storage (NAS). (Go ​​to see how to connect external hard drive)
  20. With built-in torrent client (Deluge), Torrent download is possible at Alix. (Go ​​to see detail)
  21. The USB external HDD or USB memory attached to Alix is automatically used as virtual memory to extend the limitaion of the Alix's physical memory. It makes the user who has an astronomical number of music files can use Alix.
  22. Using miniPCI wireless card, you can connect Alix to wireless router via WiFi. You can purchase the miniPCI wireless card from PC Engins. ("wlm200nx" for miniPCI wireless card, "Antsma" for antenna and "pigsma" for pigtail cable of antenna) (Go to see how to setup WiFi at EasyMPD)
  23. With the three LEDs on the front panel of Alix, you can check the status of EasyMPD. (The status of network connection, the status of the registered music directories and the status of DB update.) (See related information)
  24. You can easily configure Dual Alix with EasyMPD. Dual Alix is a combination of two Alix to get higher quality of sound. They are connected directly to each other with LAN cable. And one of them is used for playing and decoding and the other one is used for sending the PCM signal received from another Alix to USB audio device. The reason for this configuration is to reduce the CPU load of Alix and intend to get better sound. (See related information)
  25. Even if you have only one Alix you can experience the Dual Alix with "Virtual Dual Alix" function in EasyMPD. (See related information)
  26. EasyMPD detect and remove the corrupted music files from your music file directory. The corrupted music files are the main factor causing the problem in MPD DB Update. (See related information)
  27. Belows are the music file formats EasyMPD supports.(Video format playable only sound.)
    mp3 mp2
    ogg oga
    wav aiff aif au snd paf iff svx sf voc w64 pvf xi htk caf sd2
    dff dsf
    ape asf m4a
    16sv 3g2 3gp 4xm 8svx aa3 aac ac3 afc aifc al alaw amr anim apc atrac au aud avi avm2 avs bap bfi c93 cak cin cmv cpk daud dct divx dts dv dvd dxa eac3 film flc fli fll flx flv g726 gsm gxf iss m1v m2v m2t m2ts m4b m4v mad mj2 mjpeg mjpg mka mkv mlp mm mmf mov mp+ mp1 mp4 mpc mpeg mpg mpga mpp mpu mve mvi mxf nc nsv nut nuv ogm ogv ogx oma omg psp pva qcp qt r3d ra ram rl2 rm rmvb roq rpl rvc shn smk sol son spx str swf tgi tgq tgv thp ts tsp tta xa xvid uv uv2 vb vid vob vp6 vmd webm wma wmv wsaud wsvga wv wve
    wma lossless (16bit is available but 24bit is not tested.)

    Available Play List
    extm3u m3u xspf pls asx rss cue